Sep 21, 2018

Part 2: Facebook memories

So getting back to this, it was 4 years ago, I was 18. Yes it was high school love but seeing how long its been, and every time I saw something on social media, I still have this one odd feeling but definitely not jealousy or envy or anything related to still liking him, just .. some kind of odd and mixed feelings that even I cannot figure it out.

Sitting down, looking through Facebook memories, (I cleared them up already years ago but I forgot to clear the messenger, still got few lefts and Facebook reminded me on posts I've liked, ugh) clearly the scar is still there. Only, it becomes less visible now. Still. But from this, I figure out something.

We never had a proper goodbye

I AM TRULY FINE . Its just that I miss being in a relationship . That's all . Don't get me wrong . I don't have any feeling towards him . Not anymore .

... to be continue