Sep 20, 2018

Part 1: End it the way we started

To start a new chapter is to finish the old one

I'm opening this up, not to gain anyone's attention and buat sesiapa rasa bersalah, I was just giving him a proper goodbye. That's all. Like apparently we keep coming back to the people we know, places we've been, and if someday our batchmate ever holds a grand reunion, or probably I'm getting married (lol hahahah), I don't want any of us to run away from each other. We started as a friend, we should end it the way we started. He probably not gonna read this, but deep down I'm hoping he reads. Don't worry, it was meant to be for me anyway. Since I realize all this while it is not that I 'tak laku' but I never really open my heart to anyone (bukan berlagak, I know I'm not pretty but this is serious). It's like 

'I have not yet finished this book for me to write the new one'

Honestly, it was SO HARD picking up all the broken pieces after the breakup. WAS. But now, I realized I just need a proper goodbye to properly start writing a new book.

... to be continue