Sep 22, 2018

Part 3 : A proper goodbye

When you left,  you cut off all sorts of communication, leaving me unexplained. The only thing you said was, "kita jauh" and "you deserve better". Letting you know, rephrasing the 'you deserve better' is actually 'I have someone else better than you'. Thinking back on this dear boy, I'm glad you left. I'm glad its over. But to tell you the truth, I cried so hard all night that I cannot even remember for how long, until one day I realize;

'Do all these tears worth the reason?'

It was not. This is where it all started. I pick up all the broken pieces and strength left in me and trying to show how much I can grow stronger without you. And I really did. Not letting anyone in my life is also part of it that I myself never intended to do. That's why I've been single ever since.

... to be continue

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