Jul 16, 2018


out of nowhere, i had a dream last night. it was you. it was the same old place we used to lepak. the only thing change is, instead of we looked into each other's eyes, we looked away. its been years. I blame facebook memories for this. shit.

Jan 12, 2016


turning 20 doesn't prove that you are wiser , because age doesn't count maturity , experience does . i tend to forget that life has taught me so much , though i kinda still have many to learn , but i've had enough . the most painful experience were those that makes me stronger , when you can smile to those who've hurt you , it means you have fully move on . i dont regret the past , never . im thankful .

Sep 20, 2015


some people are meant to be and some are meant to come and go . high hopes will give the most pain . so dont hope . lol . and maybe between 'ee' and 'i' can give a huge different , who knows :p


i hate the fact that i will always compare what i have now with what i had before . that just making me greedy for better . and never grateful . dush .

Sep 15, 2015

oohh ~

I've started my degree already and kinda so happy since I got my first choice ! Alhamdulillah . luckily , those days of struggling paid off even though i don't struggle that much which i know i could do even better . but meh , what i have now is enough . i am not interested in medical doctor that much since i kinda interested in psychiatric only . so being psychologist (insyaAllah) is another option i guess even though their work field is different . and all i know is , as life goes on , its getting more interesting ! who knows jumpa jodoh ke , hahahahah ~

Jul 27, 2015

because i cannot assure what comes tomorrow , i better be grateful for what i have today (;
have a nice day peeps !

Jun 3, 2015


Glad to have this wonderful friend , though dulu kau annoying but as time flies , i believe you've become a man now , ihik (;  I'm glad that our friendship still the same , thank you for being such amazing friend .

Apr 12, 2015

There isnt a thing you couldnt do . All you need is , to believe in yourself .