Sunday, September 27, 2015

i'll delete this , soon .

maybe , i should just wait for my so called 'prince charming' to come and say 'i love you , just the way you are' and stay by me no matter what , which now i sound like im dreaming but naaaahhh , semua orang berangan ceh . hahahah , just saying . i do look around , which in simple word is 'usha' , hahahah tapi to have that real special one is something i dont think i able to do , AGAIN . after what i have been through (which i dont want to rake up old stories , those are just nightmares that i dont even want to remember , at all) , just making it even harder to start all over again . tapi dah berazam masuk uni nak cari , tapi masalah sekarang is , org tak pandang pun sbb they got plenty to choose , ramai yg lagi cantik *nangis* hahahah . oh sorry , ni lah jadi bila im writing malam malam cenggini , all the emotions mixed up hahahah . goodnight .